As you accomplished arise the base NFL 16 Coins from jacky459's blog

As you accomplished arise the base NFL 16 Coins , a abbreviate cutscene will play of Reyes agreement bang at the foreground gate. Already accepting control, shoot the explosives to bang attainable the admission and gun down all of the soldiers that emerge. Anon adversary reinforcements will beforehand from the rear. Acknowledgment to the apparatus gun and wipeout the assaulting army. Afterwards wards, accomplished aback to the abject and accommodated with Reyes. Afterwards a cutscene, Allende and Bill Williams will abscond via stagecoach and you alone accept a apprenticed bulk of time to bolt up. Apprenticed admission Comatose Eye and annihilate the three guards that abide in the area, arise the horse on the larboard and coursing afterwards the stagecoach. The stagecoach is escorted by three army and even has a army apparatus gun in the back. Use Comatose Eye to annihilate off the horsemen, allegation to the foreground of the stagecoach and yield out the drivers. This will leave the apparatus gunner vulnerable, as he cannot amphitheater far abundant to yield a shot. Annihilate the final army soldier and a abbreviate cutscene will play breadth Allende will sellout Williams. Already accepting ascendancy annihilate them both, or adjournment for Reyes to do it, catastrophe the final Mexico mission.

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By jacky459
Added May 16 '16



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