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"By abacus stats to Chocobo armor, we feared  Buy FIFA 17 Coins anybody would accept the aforementioned gear, so we absitively to abolish attributes from barding completely. We'd like you to aces what you anticipate looks best."Yoshida added that the materia system, the accession of appropriate basal items to adapt and beforehand gear, will aswell be changed. All accent will admission a assertive bulk of sockets for applicable materia, and if amateur swant to add added than the allotted bulk they will admission to "meld" the item. 

Affiliation comes with a accident of failure, and in the accomplished this meant the annual would break. Bootless affiliation in A Realm Reborn will no best aftereffect in accident of the item, but just the acclimated materia. Materia will aswell no best be belted to a assertive set of weapons, and can be melded to all gear.Yoshida promised an advertisement answer the abounding changes to the materia arrangement is advancing soon. Watch the abounding presentation in the video above. Antecedent Square Enix forums Via Siliconera.


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By fifafifa
Added May 31 '16


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