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Psyonix appear the chargeless AquaDome amend today, which is an underwater arena. It comes with AquaDome customization items, seven new Achievements and Trophies, and added in-game “refinements and adjustments.”

Model redesigns were fabricated for barrage cars Hotshot and Road Hog, and two new exceptional DLC Battle-Cars, Proteus and Triton, aswell absolution today for $1.99 per car or your bounded  Rocket League Item equivalent.Also, a new “Champions Alternation III” Crate, which can be opened with Keys that advice “fund Psyonix’s eSports initiatives” is aswell available.Check out the new amphitheatre in activity aloft through the bivouac and accept a attending at the screenshots while you’re at it.

Fans accept been requesting added Rocket League agreeable from developer Psyonix for a few months now and they’ve absolutely answered the call. Application 1.19 formed out on June 20th and brought added than a few aloft changes to the game.To bang things off, “Underpass,” ahead an arena-in-progress, has fabricated the move to a full-fledged battlefield. “Neo Tokyo” is a dual-level map that adds a new activity to the bold while advancement the aloft physics-based mechanics players love. The retro-style map was added to all playlists, save for Hoops and Snow Day.

Inspired by Neo Tokyo, the application aswell added the “Esper” and “Masamune” battle-cars. In addition, the “Aftershock” and “Marauder,” accepted cars in the aboriginal Super Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC), accomplish their official acknowledgment as well. Anniversary car comes with its own decals. All battle-cars are attainable in the concrete Collector’s Copy now and will be attainable for acquirement digitally on July 18th.

Psyonix aswell added a new amphitheatre to the Rocket Labs playlist. “Pillars” finer replaces “Double Goal” in the beginning playlist. It joins “Cosmic,” “Utopia,” and “Neo Tokyo,” befitting the bulk of attainable arenas at four.An all-new “Showroom” affection allows players to appearance downloadable agreeable (DLC) afore purchasing it. Players can circle the cars and examination anniversary vehicle’s altered decals. All four of the ahead mentioned battle-cars are included in the Showroom.

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