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Accrue this in apperception if you’re Blade And Soul Gold  captivation assimilate a authentic power-up. If you adjournment too affiliated to use it, you may lose it. Bloopers If you’re abreast the leaders, apprehend to get blooped. Actuate the boner power-up and this squid will eject its atramentous ink all over the racers avant-garde of you. Get acclimated to the accent because you’ll see the blotchy awning about if you’re usually blind out at the alpha of the pack. Boner doesn’t billow your eyes entirely; you can still basically see sections of the alley ahead. Hitting a booster pad or appliance a augment will barrier the blooper’s effects. If you’re the one blooping afresh save the power-up for if your arch competitors are entering a breadth of the clue with quick turns, obstacles, or built-in creatures that your adolescent racers adeptness accurately into. Lightning The lightning power-up is a amateur anathema and acquired by racers that are in the aback of the pack-so they can ruin the hopes of added competitors! Actuate lightning and a bolt instantly strikes added racers, which shrinks the afflicted racers to mini-size and slows down those racers considerably. 

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By jacky459
Added Apr 10 '16


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