7 practical ways to pack shoes while moving

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Yes moving is an intimidating task and rightly so when you want to pack your accessories like shoes with an expert touch. While the professional Packers and Movers Goa that you would hire will complete the task with utmost professionalism, it is only when you are doing it yourself that you will face trouble gathering all the family footwear and wanting to pack them like an expert.

Packing your shoes is one of the most tedious of tasks. Not only you must pack them safely protecting them from crumbling, you must also consider the ease of unpacking them. You might just receive that shock when you unpack the carton box and find your shoes wrinkled or the heel broken due to your careless attitude while packing them.

Remember, your footwear is not luxury, they are an everyday necessity. You would need them at all times, hence you would have decided to have multiple reliable pairs to keep you secure about needing them by the drop of a hat. So you must take car while packing and do not simply toss them into the carton boxes to avoid tearing, breaking or deformation of the shoes in the moving process.

Check out these exemplary packing tips for your footwear you might find useful during relocation:

1.       Sort your footwear

Indeed you have a big collection of shoes but do you wear them all? So your first step is to run through your collection to see which shoes you wear frequently, which is your luxury collection and which shoes you may want to discard.

You will have shoes that are not in a good condition yet are a part of your collection. Your kids have outgrown they footwear and are uncomfortable to wear. You have no practical point to retain all of them even in your now home. This is the right time to sort them through and leave them behind. You will also subsequently reduce some of your excess weight in the form of your footwear.


2.       Thoroughly clean your footwear

Once you have sorted all your shoes and identified which ones you would move with, clean your shoes thoroughly, especially the leather collection as they absorb all moisture and can develop mold. Clean all your sport shoes from dirt for perfect packing.


3.       Pack with soft tissue paper

Once you have cleaned all your shoes, pack them with soft tissue paper to avoid the risk of scratches and marks.


4.       Stuff your shoes with paper

Do not just lob your shoes inside the carton box. Stuff them with paper or even your old pair of socks. This will help you retain the shape of your shoes when packed inside carton box.


5.       Individually pack each shoe

Although packing each shoe is time consuming, it will help you protect them of their original shape. If you have big heels, wrap them with bubble wraps so that they don’t break during the jostling of the moving truck.


6.       Use original shoe box

Just like your electronic items, shoes too are delicate and need to be packed in their original box. It is less likely that you would retain their original boxes, yet use their original box if you have still retained them. Pack the boxes with the take and slide the boxes into the carton box to be loaded on the moving truck.


7.       Use buckets for everyday footwear

You will have every day wear like flip-flops and sneakers that you may need immediately upon moving. You needn’t take elaborative steps to pack them. You can just put them in the buckets to move. You also end up saving the packing material and an extra carton box.

The mentioned footwear packing tips should be sufficient to ensure a safe and secure move. Yet, if you are suggested to hire professional Packers and Movers Hyderabad to reduce your packing stress and help you move with ease. You just need to ensure to hire trusted movers to hand over the moving task.

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