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Aion 6.1 Anti-riding increases the hardness Guide: pure hand talent discussion Summary: Anti-riding to improve the hardness Guide, the paper introduces the anti-riding brittle reason, that is, the angle mechanism to start, to discuss issues related to anti-riding, and leads to clean hands level talent discussion. Preface personally have always felt that a lot of posts in the discussion with a variety of data, such as blood, parry rate, block rate, Shield coverage for the thing, not intuitive, so this post mainly want from a more intuitive point of view, that is, Starting angle mechanism to discuss issues related to anti-riding, and the hands of a layer of pure talent leads discussion. 3rd floor by the response: by injury mechanism T is the multiplication principle, such as you 20% damage reduction plus 15% damage reduction, the actual reduction effect should be 1- (1-20%) (1-15%) = 0.32, compared with 20% + 15% less three percent, but more than 20% pure gods out of 12% or more, which is comparable to the Blackstone-based Friends of the opening SP amount of armor damage reduction, but also by injury magic damage. 2 floor commented very place: 1, pure tested, in addition to the duration of a bit short of other very good, with good results in the face P3 furnace; 2, milk riding point of pure nothing by injury when the small can, when the big sacrifice reducing injuries with; 3, mountains can not carry jewelry endurance, good coverage skills / shouting skills, three layers may be on the chin. Let me say at the forum, where many anti-riding anti-riding issue brittle brittle, crisp interrupted when a direct hit in the face, especially in such high mountains in this category Pugong BOSS. In the face when playing, FQ will be easier to death, I believe we have no objection. What big move dead, such as cutting and the like purgatory certainly did not take the initiative to reduce injury coverage, and can predict the major skills are less likely to sudden death. About haste (or Seal dance talent) intuitive meaning in 6.1 years, with the Seal of dance talent filled 50 percent of haste, you basically can reach 70% -80% of the Shield coverage, intuitive sense of the figures have 2:00: 1. more relief BOSS full Pugong injury. 2. The faster you can save the beans in a short time, such as about to be put under BOSS 3S skills (ex: mountains after punching Breath), rapid high enough to ensure that the skills you once Shield coverage without It will be interrupted. The logic here is this: high rapid - High Shield coverage - Shield want to play a short period of time can break out faster, more perfectly good cover small BOSS high damage skills. Shield hit by injury alone could eat what skills uncle a battle up to twice, hot a lot of people have opened Debu skilled DK purgatory after all, as passive Chun, so a lot of times when the second Divine use, but 2 minutes long CD or small. By injury this two long CD, which means not flexible enough in the blood line instability or to cover BOSS skills, you can not want to open it to stabilize blood line open, which draw the most critical part of this post: pure hands. Clean hands and pure hand undefeated Soul (we used not change the talent) tied talent. Pure Hand: 15% damage reduction, sustained damage reduction debuff 80%, 30SCD, Divine insert the Glyph is a 20% reduction in injuries, two were on the difference between 5% ah. Beastmaster swept clean hands face like Breath BUFF hurt, steady blood line has been better than the Divine. We recall theaion kinah Divine purposes: 1. Shield limit with greatly reduced trauma care blood. 2. Faced with little skill with high damage BOSS Shield coverage. Class 1 uses the difference between 5% and pure hands of a high-injury skills most will 2,3W blood category 2 in both duration and 5% of the blood, the difference will not exceed 4,5W, definitely not BOSS blood Pugong than once, even less than half, and pure hand there debuff damage reduction benefits, so the role of clean hands many times and almost Divine. The point of this layer of talent, you have: talent under one minute unbeaten Soul 2 St. Mary, and on-time interval of 1 minute forced 30S-- become a saint Mary, two pure hands, Pure Divine + hand can put together have 32% damage reduction, Divine CD clean hands alone when 15 percent reduction in injuries, there are additional debuff relief, reduction in terms of the total amount of damage, or short open times (skills flexibility), I that they are much higher than the soul undefeated, so do not go undefeated point of the soul. Other questions 1. clean hands may be involved is Kathrine skills, and freedom as well as the expense of conflict, your freedom in FB you use it? Do not give their own sacrifice. 2. Comments by the second floor, pure milk riding can be a small reduction in injuries with, but that is foreign to reduce injury, when you want to stabilize the blood line. Only ourselves with effective, in order to be included in the defense mechanism. Anti-riding summary does not brittle, anti-ride play is the various initiatives by injury plus high coverage of Shield to match. Before crispness is not strong now accounted for by injury because the overall defense mechanism, the Shield (at high coverage can be regarded as a passive damage reduction) to provide high, is now accounted for by injury to the more active skills shunt Many people take the initiative to reduce injuries for unskilled or understanding is not in place, you will find it easy to sudden death, brittle. As long as the initiative is done, familiar BOSS skills, FQ talent after 6.1 revision is still very strong. Further, more than two SP chooses me mouth, face rolling roll ah this Pugong not high and put a variety of small skills Pugong interrupted the BOSS, you take double damage reduction ornaments have become, but like the mountains this Species BOSS, or double endurance SP, can more than 10 W of blood, for your convenience steady blood lines. High blood line of intuitive sense that you will be more flexible, more frequent use of the initiative to reduce injuries to hold it on the same percentage value, the more your blood, the more value corresponds to the percentage of the blood, you will less likely to be hit when face sudden death. Pugong low of BOSS, Pugong phase steady your blood line, but great skills to beat pain, such as rolling roll Acid Breath, we need higher intensity by injury, so use by injury SP.

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