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When you finally set down the If you and your friends are inexperienced movers, you may scratch and damage both furniture and walls/floors. Cost of repairing those items might far outweigh any potential savings you so desperately counted on. Reputable packers and movers hinjewadi always adhere to best practice of furniture and property protection, using specialized rug runners, furniture pads and doorway covers to make sure nothing gets damaged. last piece of furniture or last box on the floor of your beautiful new home after a long and exhausting day of moving, you still have to try to figure out what to feed the kids for dinner and how to gather the last few bits of energy to assemble their beds (assuming you still know where your tools are) so that they can finally go to sleep and this horrible day may be over. That’s when you promise yourself to never move again. Ever.

The next morning doesn’t get much better – your poor body is beyond hurting, yet you still need to assemble rest of the furniture, unpack essentials and prepare to resume your normal life in time when Monday rolls around and a busy new work week begins. We have all been there, haven’t we? At that moment you are probably asking yourself – so was it all worth it? Determined to prove to yourself that it indeed saved you money, you frantically do the math only to find out that maybe it was really not worth it after all.

DIY moving comes with some hidden costs that you might not know or think of until after the move, when you’re all spent and tired and it is too late to change anything. packers and movers wakad

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Added May 26 '18



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