Leftfield "Head and Shoulders"

Director: Casey & Ewan http://www.caseyandewan.com<br />

Production Company: http://www.riffrafffilms.tv<br />

Executive Producer: Sarah Boardman<br />

Producer: Monica Domanska<br />

<br />

2D:<br />

Thu Tran<br />

Lisa Ramsey<br />

<br />


Stopmotion Animator: Leo Nicholson<br />

Model Maker: Natasha Nicholson<br />

Paper Engineer: Ian Watson<br />

Assistant Paper Engineer: Rosie Smith<br />

Pre Light: Laura Howie<br />

Compositor: John Moore<br />

<br />

Special Thanks:<br />

Ruth Cayford at Cardiff Contemporary<br />

Printhaus Cardiff<br />

<br />

3D:<br />

TheStudio @ Smoke & Mirrors <br />

Post Producers: Sophie Harrison & Lydia Evitt<br />

Previz: Davide Frusteri, Christian Tailor<br />

3D artists: Silvia Casali, Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor<br />

Monster Rig: Nicola Destefanis<br />

Jason Head: Nicola Gastaldi<br />

Lead compositor: Guillaume Weiss<br />

Compositors: Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor<br />

Studio Creative Director: Dan Andrew<br />

<br />

Grade: Dan Moran @ Smoke & Mirrors

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