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How One Man is Redefining the Way You Shift Your House

How One Man is Redefining the Way You Shift Your House

In few or so, technology has evolved much, particularly in an online world that now most of the things are available at the click of a mouse. Whether, it is shopping for the trendy clothes online, grocery items, footwear, movie tickets, furniture, electronic products and lot of other important things. However, when it comes to shift the household or office goods from one place to new location, then we are still following the age old methods.

There are many things involved in the relocation process such as the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, etc to make shifting successful. For many, relocation is nothing less than a headache that no one wants to experience at all. But they have a no choice at all mainly because, there is no platform where they find and hire verified packers and movers companies in their region for damage free goods relocation.

Mr. Mukesh Singh, alumni and founder of, a premier online marketplace for searching reliable packers and movers service providers, had other ideas. He decided to make a big change in the shifting industry in India and help the people to contact the relocation companies without much hassles. Mr. Singh says, "People are looking for the professional movers and packers services for the safe goods transportation without any damage and most importantly on time. However, what most of the people get in return are the fake promises and goods delivered in damaged state." He also had the same experience that encouraged him to start in the year 2010.

He shares his experiences, journey and challenges experienced so far.

Current Scenario of India's Packers and Movers Industry>>

The packers and movers industry in India consists of more than 50,000 service providers (both big and small). However, the flip side here is that this industry is pretty much unorganized with most of the service providers no having proper office and largely the business is conducted over the phone. It becomes extremely difficult for the customers to find the verified companies offering reliable moving solution. There are many instances in which some of the people open the company by the same name of a big or popular moving company and cheat the customers.

Doing It the Manner>> reduces such problems for the clients. Any individual planning to relocate goods is simply required to fill up a simple form on our websites and they will be instantly connected to the approved packers and movers companies for getting the quotes and services. We thoroughly checkout the business profile of any service provider and take all the relevant documents before adding them into our database. You also get a personalized dashboard wherein you can also checkout the documents of the packers and movers you are planning to hire and have a go through the review and ratings before hiring them. Our main way is to change the way people look after the movers and packers industry in India.

The Road Ahead>>

The great appreciation is that we receive both from our customers and packers and movers companies really motivate us. In next year, we are planning to upgrade our technology wherein customers can experience zero inconvenience when searching for the shifting service providers. We are also planning to focus on the branding aspect and introduce GPS tracking of the transportation trucks that will allows the customers to keep a track or check the status of their items real time.

My dream is to make shifting a happy experience, says Mr. Singh. An individual is required to move any point of his or her life and we understand that it is not an easy task. Our main aim is to make relocation smooth and hassle free when moving into the new destination.

Relocating to a new location? makes it easy and hassle free.

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