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How to Control Pests

How to Control Pests

Pests are organisms that occur where they are not wanted. Common household pests include ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, fruit flies, meal moths, stink bugs, and rodents. Gardens are prey to mites, moths, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, and rodents. Whether you’re fighting voracious caterpillars in your garden or bugs in your house, follow these steps to get rid of pests.
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Remove standing water. Insects and rodents need water to survive.[1]
Keep your bathroom and kitchen areas as dry as possible.
Fix leaking pipes.
Don’t let water collect in trays under plants.
Don’t leave your pet’s water out overnight.
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Identify the pest. While the preventative steps are similar for all types of pests, you will want to focus on removing certain types of food (i.e. ripe melon for fruit flies) or cleaning certain areas (vacuuming the carpet for fleas), depending on the pest. If you decide to use a pesticide, you will need to make sure it is suitable for the pest you are trying to kill.

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Keep your kitchen clean and all food in containers. Food attracts pests. Ripe fruit will draw fruit flies. Unsealed grains will attract mealy moths. Flies and cockroaches will eat any crumbs they can find. A clean kitchen is a key step in ridding your home of pest.
Wipe up any spills with soap and water. A paper towel or dish towel alone may not be enough.[2] Regularly unplug your toaster and remove crumbs.
Store your food in sealed glass or plastic containers. Lids that clamp shut work better than screw-on lids.
Keep ripe fruit,[3] as well as rice and other long-term storage items, in the refrigerator.مكافحة حشرات بالرياض  -
Store pet food in a clean, sealed garbage can so that rodents cannot get to it.
Wash dishes daily, or submerge them in soapy water until you can get to them.
Take out the trash daily. Used sealed trash cans and be sure to keep them clean.
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Keep your house clean and clutter free. This will remove hiding places for insects, as well as removing their eggs.
Vacuum regularly. In particular, vacuum the affected areas using a crevice tool. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag, so no pests can escape.
Comb and wash your pet frequently. If it has fleas, talk to your vet about flea medication.[5]
Get rid of clutter where pests hide, such as stacks of newspaper, magazines, or cardboard.شركة رش حشرات بالمدينة المنورة
Clean appliances by unplugging them and sweeping them out, vacuuming, then wiping down with a damp rag. Make sure to let the appliance dry completely before reconnecting the appliance to the power source.
Store clothing and linens in sealed plastic boxes or bags to protect them from moths and to remove homes for mice and rats.
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Deny access to your home. Pests frequently enter through poorly sealed windows or doors, or through cracks in walls and floorboards. Removing points of entry is key if you wish to keep your home pest free.مكافحة حشرات بمكة  -
Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks and crevices in baseboards, moldings, cupboards, pipes, ducts, sinks, toilets or electrical outlets.مكافحة حشرات بالخرج
Place screens in front of heating and cooling vents. Repair holes in existing screens.مكافحة الحشرات بالرياض
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Install screens and weather-stripping on doors and windows.
Keep vegetation, mulch, stacked firewood, and other debris at least 18 inches form your home.مكافحة الحشرات بالاحساء
Ensure all cracks, crevices and gaps around pipes and other penetrations on the walls of your home are properly sealed.

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