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harden Jul 28 '16

Natural wood flooring material quality,cheap wood flooring in serbia durability and environmentally friendly wood floors are very strong, but the stability of solid wood flooring is not high, the event humid environment is very easy to mold and bagging, however, wood flooring maintenance methods skills Daquan is what? Here take a look. First, maintain good indoor ventilation and dry environment, solid wood flooring panels are very valuable, it is also required to spend more maintenance effort.

Spring rain, especially in the south, or the lower the household, it is easy to get damp ground, this time often need ventilation, the main purpose is to let the floor dry wood moisture equilibrium. Second, avoid sun exposure and rain water, the sun will accelerate the wood floor paint and glue aging, also cause shrinkage and cracking of wood flooring. After the rain water, wood floor expansion deformation caused by moisture absorption, serious but also make the floor moldy. So,low maintenance garden decking in the rainy season, the front must pay attention to close the window to avoid the rain or sun exposure. Third, to avoid damaging the floor surface, solid wood flooring prices are more expensive, so when in use should be more care. Solid wood flooring finish flooring is both decorative layer, a protective layer is the floor.

Therefore, we should avoid a hard object impact, scratches, metal friction weapon like chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, interior furniture moving, moving with care, furniture legs should put rubber pad hides. In public places, and so should bedding carpet in the main channel. Fourth, the right to take care of cleaning, in daily use, should be regularly cleaned and parquet wood floors, floor to keep clean. When cleaning, first with a clean broom to sweep dust and debris,high strength swimming pool decking and then wrung cloth to wipe artificial, such as when the area is too large, you can wash cloth mop, and then hang up the water droplets drip dry for drag net ground. Cut can not be washed with water, do not use wet cloth or mop to clean up. If there is usually an aqueous substance spilled on the ground, it should immediately wipe with a dry cloth. Fifth, to prevent friction damage to the wooden floor surface, usually at home when walking on the floor, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot.

Do not drag the move when moving furniture on the floor surface to avoid scratching the floor. Sixth, in order to prolong the life of floor paint, floor wax regularly required annually. Before waxing, we first wipe clean the floor; then, the floor surface evenly coated layer of floor wax, floor wax until after slightly dry with a dry cloth to wipe it. Wood floor texture clear and beautiful and generous, but take care of solid wood flooring will be a painstaking thing,high quality outdoor panel so we must take good care of your wood floor, then more details about wood flooring maintenance methods techniques Daquan on the introduction here, I hope to help oh.

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ChasingMe Sep 1 '22

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