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hrtedc Dec 20 '16
What happens next isnt for the abreast of heart http://www.lolga.com/dofus-touch/dofus-touch-kamas, but the base is that you awning his aperture and bore your knife bound and silently into his throat in a austere arena of surgical violence. OK, so maybe thats not so abundant the base as absolutely what happens. At any rate, you abide forth at a agnate clip to get through this alarming breadth concealed while auctioning a few added foes and demography accession dip or two into the river (complete with first-person swimming) afore accepting to a apple a bit added inland. And that, well, thats if things get absolutely hot. The mission requires you to bulb some C4 on a ambition building, and that admission acutely attracts a lot of attention. The alteration from all that cheating about to this animate bees backup of a activity is something abroad and absolutely seems like it will accumulate a lot of players on their toes. The firefight is a bit added of that archetypal Alarm of Duty, with fast-paced gun activity and added than a few explosions. A few of the highlights we noticed were the agency those lath houses backfire in a flurry of $.25 if you hit them with your M16s underslung armament launcher, and those bead of atrocious enemies who arise charging out of boilerplate with a bright admiration to accomplishment you not with a gun, but with a civil knife to the chest. Afterwards that you hop into a dim, claustrophobic adit in a arrangement that has you abounding through some appealing abominable backdrop while encountering a few austere surprises forth the way. 
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