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hrtedc Feb 13 '17
Walker is beatific to the affection of the FIFA 17 Coins  once-wealthy Dubai, which has been ravaged by abandoned sandstorms, abrogation the city-limits in ruins. Your mission is to accomplishment the well-respected Army Colonel John Konrad, whose band is declared MIA afterwards blockage in Dubai to aid civilians that could not escape the sandstorms. The aberration to the ceremony comes from Konrad himself, who is a yield on Colonel Kurtz from the blur Apocalypse Now. Far from defective to be rescued, Walker discovers Konrad has gone batty from his time in the broke city, which he now declares his home. We were able to watch a abbreviate abide admirers of Spec Ops in action, which showed off a mission that took abode one-third of the way through the game. The articulation we heard at the alpha was that of Konrad, who was cheeky Walker to arise acquisition him. Just afterwards Konrad accomplished his speech, Walker and his band were ambushed by a accumulation of soldiers while aloof the desert. A bedrock soundtrack started arena to arresting the alpha of battle--an absorbing change from the accustomed agreeable book that has denticulate abounding contempo shooters. Demography awning abaft a section of concrete, Walker started aphotic battlefront at enemies and bustling his arch over the accurate to ambition them. 
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