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beingnaive Dec 17 '19

Moving and relocation can be overwhelming and tiring, even for those who have relocated their household goods many times in the past. Moving and relocating to a new state is one such complicated task, where chances of it going wrong are almost every time, and therefore it is important to plan and do it right.

If you have an upcoming move and you are wondering about how to hire the best packer and mover for home relocation at right price, then keep following things in mind.

1. Plan your move in advance - As a part of my job, i get to interact with hundreds of people who are in rush to find local moving services to get their household goods relocated. Ideally it takes us 15-20 minutes to process these requests, but the people at the end are in so much of hurry that they want everything instantly. We often wonder, why didn't you think of it when you had time? Why you have to rush things, and make mistakes in hurry? So early planing can be the key to safe, cost-effective and hassle-free household moving.

2. Move size: Always remember the basic rule of moving. the bigger the move size, the costlier its going to be for you. So please mind the inventory and try to make your move as smaller as you can. Pack and move items that are seriously needed, because the cost of packing and moving your household goods directly depends on the volume and number of items you wish to get moved.

3. Compare multiple movers: rates are not fixed, so comparing rates of multiple movers and packers near you can help you to on board the best possible moving company, and that too at the best possible rates. Don't hesitate to compare two, three or even four local relocation companies, to get it right and on right terms.

4. Always insure the move: Transit insurance come handy in worse situation like road accident or in-intentional damage at the time of loading or unloading etc. When such is the situation, not insuring your goods while moving can be disastrous for you, in case of any mishap or accident.

5. Discuss payment terms upfront: Most of the moving dispute is related to payments. Pricing dispute is a truth, especially in moving industry in India and and hence it is important to discuss and finalize the payment terms upfront. Whatever payment have to made in advance, and what percentage of payment will be made on delivery of goods, should be clearly discussed and put in writing.

As I said, when you are well prepared and plan your household move correctly, you can surprisingly manage the entire move effortlessly. And not only that, by keeping these things in mind, you can also decrease the chances of any damage in transit, and reduce overall moving expenses.

Happy relocation to you!

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