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harden Jun 11 '16

Cold winter, the ground is too cold pavement tiles. The wood flooring foot feeling warm, cool, is a very good surface decoration materials. Today we recommend several very texture of the wood floor living room decoration case, I want to help, with a look.A living room with wood floor renovation Recommended: Black wooden floors,garden wood plastic composite fence plump and shiny finish. Decorative wood walls and floors complement each other. Light coffee color curtains and the overall tone with the perfect space, space highlights the unique personality and style. Cylindrical stakes do coffee table, increasing the quaint atmosphere. The red sofa cushion design is light the whole space.

Wood floor living room decorated recommend two: the simple living room warm shades,attaching composite deck to steel curtains and sofa colors echoed, elegant soft outfit looks very comfortable atmosphere. Wood color lay on the parquet floor with simple dark carpet, highlights the impressive home owner tastes. White roses bouquet, full romantic.Wood floor living room decorated recommend three: gorgeous living room wooden floor bedroom, the pink palace wind curtains, gorgeous and not tacky.

Golden soft-mounted design, the interior laid luxurious and elegant style. Lay flat style red wooden floor and take the entire space of the pole. Bright warm sunshine poured in, bring a warm feeling themselves in.Living room wood floor renovation Recommendation Four: the entire living room wood floor renovation renderings showing a strong rural countryside atmosphere. Carpet green striped sofa with brown wooden floor,floor tiles for car porch manufacturer complement each other. Plants floral curtains and pillows, full range of fresh, perfectly integrated into the decor throughout the space.Living room wood floor renovation Recommended five: white curtains and sofa tones to maintain unity, not only can cover some of the light when the sun is strong, but also for the entire space to create a warm and elegant feeling.

English decorative paintings on the wall, make the room a little more artistic atmosphere.Living room wood floor renovation recommended six: the entire space purple, white, yellow perfect blend, roofs for decks fresh to the extreme. Yarn of white curtains to create a fantastic feeling. Romantic, warm, kind of hazy sense of looming intoxicating. Brown wood floors, warm touch, to create a highly textured interiors atmosphere.

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