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doaltwar Jun 7 '17
The scene above, through the classic Ingmar Bergman film The Seventh Seal, features a unique premise. Death-a cloaked figure using a very pale face-has come for Antonius rainierland, a knight fresh from the Crusades who just really wants to live out his life in peace. Understandably frustrated, Antonius does what all of us would: he challenges Death to your game of chess, in reference to his soul because prize.

A regular schmo watching this scene picks up on quite a few: the terror, the suspense, the artful composition with the shots. A chess aficionado, though, is simply looking at a very important factor. That game board that decides Antonius’s fate? It’s build totally backwards.You have dead characters time for life with minimum explanation, drastically different versions from the same character appearing across multiple films and major plot points which can be conveniently ignored later later on. It's almost as if Fox was missing this massive superhero franchise entirely mapped out through the beginning.

If Logan proved anything, it's that continuity is hardly an important aspect of a superb superhero movie. Even so, it's fun to seem back in the past 17 years' valuation on X-Men movies and mention many on the glaring plot points and inconsistencies. And yes, could Days of Future Past rebooted the timeline in certain vague, not clearly defined way, but we're still fairly certain most of these gaffes don't accumulate regardless. Check out our extensive list below

Then again, we’re speaking about a cartoon where TV’s Snow White teams program Michael Bluth in a very sort-of riff on 48 Hours that expands to feature references to The Godfather and Breaking Bad 9movies. Zootopia is sensible in the way it approaches race relations, if unsophisticated and childish. But you will find worse things a children’s movie could be than childish, along with Zootopia that word sheds its pejorative implications and instead feels befitting rolling around in its innocence. The story comes about in the sprawling zoological metropolis in the title, an area where beasts of most makes and models-large and small, meek and ferocious-somehow have the ability to coexist in a approximation of civilized society. This is a movie that’s information about big, heartfelt honesty between its principals and its particular audience. Simple though its politics might be, the film is effective-and from the mainstream studio, it can be even just daring enough to make a difference.
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