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nba2kah Mar 31 '16

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Trying to get Dirk another ring is dooming Dallas.

All the Dallas Mavericks want is to do right by Dirk Nowitzki -- and it's destroying them.

But in trying to recapture the glory of their 2011 title, Dallas has repeatedly shot itself in the foot. Now, the Mavs are seemingly doomed to mediocrity through the rest of Nowitzki's time with the team.

Year after year, the Mavericks have chased high-priced free agents to complement Nowitzki and get back to the Finals. In 2012, they reportedly almost nabbed both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard to join forces with Dirk, which would have flipped NBA history on its ear. But Howard's reluctance to commit to moving on from Orlando crushed that dream, and the Mavs were left as a lottery team in 2013.

They tried again with Howard and Paul in 2013, but once again both players chose other destinations. In 2014, the Mavs took one step forward and one step back simultaneously. Signing Chandler Parsons was considered a coup; bringing Tyson Chandler back to Dallas, however, to reunite the ol' championship squad didn't pan out.

Then in 2015, the Mavericks famously flirted with DeAndre Jordan, only to see him renege at the last minute and return to the Clippers -- another star free agent lost to Los Angeles.One thing you should remember is that if you want to buy NBA 2K16 MT or NBA 2K16 MT Coins, NBA 2K16 Coins can be your best choice.

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