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bobgull Jun 21 '16
Since Infante Tarantino beat AFC President has been fifa 16 points account elected the ninth Xisaerman any FIFA President, the military buildup of World Cup news, again provoking the Chinese fans nerves.

Reuters and many other foreign media reports, FIFA President visiting the ROK recently Infante Tarantino reiterated that FIFA is planning the 2026 World Cup teams from 32 to 40 military expansion, and then Asia quota also increased from 4.5 to 6 now.

The World Cup from the current 32 military expansion to 40 teams, which is one of the programs where Valentino campaign fifa 16 ps4 coins when the Chairman is precluded raised. At the time, however, this proposal has been widely questioned, they have to think that this will lead to reduced quality of the game.

But even so, Infante Tarantino advocated the introduction of a military buildup determination was not changed, and has repeatedly stressed that this year's European Cup increased from 16 teams to 24 teams is the best proof of the World Cup can be military expansion.

"Daily Mail" quoted "Reuters" reports that, at a press conference, when a reporter mentioned the World Cup Korea military buildup problem Infante Tarantino explained his ideas, and for the first time revealed after the military expansion in Asia the quota allocation plan: "football should not just Europe and South America movement, but to the world.

I hope that in 2026, when the World Cup can be buy fifa 16 coins military expansion to 40 teams, then Asia is possible to obtain six places. Of course, I was not a dictator, so I can not force the implementation of this program, but I'll try to convince everyone. "
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