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victorse Jul 7 '17

 Suit Underwear Times You Should Never Go Commando, No Matter How 

Whether you're someone who hates underwear or you just really hate doing laundry, you might find yourself going commando pretty frequently. While there are definitely some benefits to going underwear-less, there are times where you shouldn't go commando, as it could end up negatively affecting your vaginal health. As annoying as putting on underwear can be, there's a reason it exists, which means sometimes it's necessary."There are actually several benefits to 'going commando,'" says Molly Shields, M.D., an OB/GYN with the Institute for Women Health over email. "Not wearing underwear allows the vagina to breathe, which can be beneficial when a woman has a condition such as a yeast infection. The underwear puts an additional layer directly against your vagina, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria, depending on the underwearfabric and style. That said, there are a few times when wearing underwear may be a better option than not."If you're someone who likes your lady parts to breathe, by all means, skip those undies. However, if you also want to make sure your nether regions stay nice and healthy, you'll want to know exactly when it's time to put them on. Here are seven times you should never go commando."Synthetic or rough material such as denim that continuously rubs against the vagina can irritate or even create small cuts on the outer labia," says Shields. "Underwear provides a protective layer between delicate skin and irritating material."

2When You're Sweating A LotWhether it's because you are working out or if you suffer from excessive sweating down there (truncal hyperhidrosis), the right kind of underwear can help pull moisture away from the skin and allow you to avoid potentially embarrassing sweat stains. "Just make sure you wear underwear made of non-synthetic material, ideally with moisture-wicking fabric," says Shields. "Full coverage is also better than thongs in this instance, as thongs can shift during activity and actually draw bacteria into the vagina."

3When You Have Razor BurnIf you have razor burn or another type of vaginal irritation, you'll want to wear underwear to help provide an additional layer of protection. "Wearing underwear can guard inflamed vaginal skin from coming into contact with external irritants, which speeds along the healing process," says Shields.

4After Having A Baby"Most women, whether they deliver vaginally or by C-section, will experience vaginal bleeding," says Shields. "Your body has just gone through the trauma and joy of carrying and delivering a child and will need the appropriate amount of time to recover. Wearing underwear allows new mothers to avoid using tampons or other foreign objects inserted into the vagina, at least until your OB/GYN gives you permission to do so."5When You Go To The Gym

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