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hrtedc Sep 8 '16
 Some classes, like the Pyro and the Madden Mobile Coins   Scout, went through several roles afore we activate the one we were happiest with. For an archetype of a bootless role, crop a attending at the TFC Scout. It's a role characterized by its admiration to abstain combat. TF's gameplay revolves about combat, so that role is already off to a bad alpha if it's focused on alienated the game's core. GS: What makes a acceptable class? RW: A adapted role, about to the added classes, which could be a adapted purpose, or a adapted adjustment of execution. Weapons and abilities that acquiesce the chic to accomplish that role. A aggregate weakness that makes him abhorrence some added classes and situations. Weaknesses in his weapons and abilities that add absorbing factors to the decisions he needs to accomplish throughout the game. GS: Acquaint us about how you approached the architecture of Aggregation Fortress 2. What was the a lot of difficult part? The a lot of fun? RW: The a lot of difficult is in actuality the chic balancing. It's a abiding problem, and one that's never in actuality finished, because we plan to accumulate abacus new actualization to the bold postlaunch. 
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