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quangongzi Oct 19 '16

Transportation of mixes

The finished asphalt mixture shall be transported to the construction site in time. According to the specific location of construction and the actual situation on site, as well as my department of mixing capacity, paving capacity, mixture distance, the type of mixture required and quantity, I used three more than 18T dump truck Asphalt mixture.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

A clean dump truck shall be used to transport the mixture, and no organic substance may be present in the trough. In order to prevent dust pollution and excessive heat loss, the truck must be covered with tarpaulin to heat the mixture to prevent rain and to avoid contamination of the mixture in the four corners of the tank should be sealed solid.

Asphalt mixture to test the factory temperature and transported to the site temperature. Before filling, first coat the floor with a 1: 3 oil and water release agent to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom of the transport vehicle.When the mixer is feeding the material, , Sub-stack loading, in order to reduce the phenomenon of segregation of coarse aggregate, while the transport capacity of transport vehicles and paving capacity has been surplus.

Mixtures that have been cooled, segregated or soaked by rain and mixed with the vehicle at the time of unloading, as well as mixtures below the specified paving temperature, should be discarded for transport to the construction site. Continuous paving process, the transport truck should be stopped in the paver before the 10-30cm, shall not impact the paver. During the unloading process, the transfer vehicle should be in neutral and pushed by the paver. The temperature of the asphalt mixture transported to the paving site shall be recorded in each car and the temperature control requirements shall be met.

The mixture shall not be transported to the site unless the material transported may be paved and compacted during the day, or if sufficient and reliable lighting is available at the pavement site. Otherwise, the excess mixture shall not be used in this project.

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