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quangongzi Feb 7 '17

Scientific management theory is proposed by Taylor, belongs to the classical management theory category. Although the scientific management theory has been more than 100 years of history, but still play a huge role in scientific management is mainly focused on production operations management, the purpose is to improve the efficiency, which is very suitable for use in road machinery and equipment management. However, Taylor's theory of scientific management of the limitations of one is that people as economic man, and the other is only a single work to solve the efficiency problem, while ignoring the overall efficiency. Therefore, in the construction machinery and equipment management, we use scientific management methods, we can not just inherit Taylor's scientific management methods, should also be combined with the actual situation, the Taylor's scientific management methods to make appropriate improvements. Taylor for scientific management theory of the two limitations, we in the road machinery and equipment to join the scientific management of human management and systematic management.Double Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

Third, the selection and training of first-class workers. A first-class worker is someone who fits for a job and is willing to work for it. Selection and training of first-class workers need to have the appropriate recruitment and training of personnel, which requires a modern human resources management philosophy.

Fourth, the realization of tools, machinery, materials and methods of operation of the standardization. Standardization is conducive to improving the efficiency of road construction machinery and equipment, scientific management, should be combined with the requirements of the entire management system, tools, machinery, materials and methods of operation to do the standardization.

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