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quangongzi Dec 6 '16

Rapid impact ram is a vibration impact ram: by the motor by the reducer and crank link mechanism to drive the hammer to do fast impact movement to compact the soil, rammer off the ground, the operator can promote the mechanical forward, to reduce the body vibration, The vertical axis of the cylinder is deflected forward. Set the buffer spring group. Impact compaction of viscous soil is better, impact ram for building, ground, court ...

Rapid impact ram is a vibration impact ram:

The motor drives the hammer by the speed reducer and the crank link mechanism to do the quick impact movement to reinforce the soil. When the rammer hits the ground, the operator can push the machine forward to reduce the vibration of the machine body and make the vertical axis of the cylinder skew forward. Set the buffer spring group.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Impact compaction soil is better, the impact of ram applied to the construction, ground, garden, roadbed, bridge piles, trenches, field, narrow site construction can be qualified for large and medium-sized machinery can not complete the construction task. The product has advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, compacting strength, flexible operation, the use of safety, to adapt to a wide range of high efficiency. But its rammer area is limited, it is not suitable for large area earthwork compaction. For sand, gravel is required to use another tamping machine tamping.

Vibratory impact rammer according to JG / T5014 standard production. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, light weight, compacting capacity, high production efficiency, good performance of sticking edge, flexible operation, simple, safe and reliable. Compared with the frog ram, explosive ram and impact compaction currently used in China, More advantages. The machine is applicable not only to the compaction of sand, sand and all kinds of sandy soils, but also to compaction of bituminous gravel, lean concrete and clay. It is especially suitable for narrow construction such as indoor floor, courtyard and trench. , Can be qualified large and medium-sized compaction machinery can not complete the construction task.

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