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Portugal coach: young players to adapt to seize warm-up match on Sunday local time, with Quaresma, Rafael - Guerrero and Eder successively broke, makes final Portugal 3-0 victory in Norway, however, coach Fernando - Santos still represented in the European Cup group match before the start, the team there are a lot of room for improvement.

For the warm-up match, coach Fernando - Santos had some objective evaluation: "We will soon enter the state of the game, even though we are lacking, but the first 20 minutes we played well, but the opponent is unable to communicate with we contend subsequently Norwegian defense has done well, so our offense faced obstacles, he began to try FIFA 17 Coins PS3 to fast break. during this period we played more difficult, but the players on the pitch will always be faced with this situation. "

"In the intermission, I told my players to be a little faster ball speed. Although many of our young players also do not adapt to the rhythm, but when the final order to have better performance, we had to add some fresh blood. "

"I think the team played a good game but not perfect. Offensive team is well organized, we managed to make the score in favor of some things, but some FIFA Coins players did not integrate into the tactical system, we have seek progress. "

Thursday Portugal will expand at a friendly match with England, the Portuguese national team are currently preparing, at the end of a friendly match against Portugal on June 8 Estonia.

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