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pvcwelding Jan 9 '17

Radio Frequency Welding Machine or (high frequency welding) is the process of bonding together materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field that begins to shift and move polar molecules within the materials in order to orient themselves in accordance with the electromagnetic field. The movement of these molecules releases energy in the form of heat. When enough energy is applied, the molecules begin to melt and bond to one another. No external heat is applied. The weld is completed by applying pressure to the bonded area, ensuring a successful seal.

Many factors affect the strength and seal quality in RF Welding . Tooling layout, weld thickness, material thickness, and machine control are some of the most important factors in creating a good seal. The appeal of RF welding is in the completeness of the weld. Using this method can create very robust hermetic seals. Many welds are subject to pill tests, leak tests, and optical tests to determine that the correct conditions have been achieved.

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