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apple527 Oct 12 '16
The only way to grow your business and increase your profit margin is through retail sales!

Let me repeat that Womens Jermaine Kearse Jersey , The Only Way to Grow Your Business and Increase Profit Margin is Through Retail Sales!

Retail is positively the difference between a business that is merely surviving and one that is absolutely thriving however this word retail or sales seem to make us therapists fearful and uncomfortable as we don't want to seem pushy or aggressive but rather offer our clients the comfort of an excellent treatment combined with relaxation and de-stress.

Let's look at 15 ways to make the retail process easier.

1. Understand that your clients come to you for a reason because they need something. Make sure you answer that need and give them what they want. Realize that They Are Buying products, the question is are they buying them from your salonspa.

2. Increase your levels of retail stock on the shelves. This is no new concept but rather one that is carried through to every industry involving retail. The more stock found on the shelves the higher the retail turnover. Invest in keeping more stock on the shelves.

3. Set a goal for each staff member to sell only ONE extra retail item per day in the salon and watch your sales sky rocket!

4. Increase the number of impulse purchase items found at the pay point. They work, guaranteed. I have seen some gorgeous items such as Eye Slices, crystal nail files, hand bag jewellery, body butters, pens, make up Womens Michael Bennett Jersey , foot files, etc

5. Run monthly retail promotions and market them effectively. Plan your monthly retail promotion with your product house at least 3 months in advance giving you time to plan your stock order, to feature the promotion on your website, to design eye catching posters and position in key areas throughout your salonspa. If you don't tell your clients about the promotions how will they know?

6. Merchandise your stock effectively. Position your stock as follows: fast sellers at eye level, promotion items just above and the rest below. Never put stock behind a glass cabinet out of clients reach as it will not sell as fast. Keep your shelves spotless and neat and ensure to make your displays attractive. Never keep your stock in the same position for longer than 3 months, make sure you move it around to attract attention.

7. Ensure to allow sales time with each appointment booked. If you think that allocating 15 minutes extra to each treatment is a waste of time, think again as it is a waste of your time and profits NOT to allocate this additional time. A sale is about relationship building and creating trust and this cannot be done without the correct time allocation for sales talk.

8.Keep detailed client record cards whether on paper or on computer. You will be sorry if you don't do this from the beginning as this is a perfect tool to keep tabs on when your clients products are finished and need to be replenished.

9. Make sure you have a full range of samples available for when a client wishes to try a product before purchasing the full size product. Never substitute a sale with a sample but be sensitive to when it is necessary to offer a client a sample first and make sure you record this on their card so as to offer them the full size product on their next visit.

10. Skin analysis is not to cut short or skipped out in your treatments. I cannot stress enough the need to thoroughly discuss your clients expectations and thoughts on their own skin. Listen to what your clients are saying as very often they actually ask you for retail products when you are analyzing their skin.

11. Keep a full range of testers on the shelf so clients can try and smell the products. If your product house of choice does not have testers, Change product house. How on earth can you sell something your clients cannot try?

12. Shelf talkers are what I call silent salesman. Clients want certain questions answered without needing to ask a therapist namely: What is it for? How much does it cost? Try answering these two basic questions by means of shelf talkers so clients feel more comfortable to approach you with more information on the product as they know the price already.

13. Prescribe products to ALL your clients on EVERY visit. I cannot stress the importance of this. They will not always buy but they are always assured that you have their best interests in mind by advising what you think they need. I would insist on prescription sheets that would be completed and one copy given to the client and one kept in the client card.

14. Train Womens Jimmy Graham Jersey , train, train, train and train some more! Invest the time and money in training your staff to retail. Ask your product supplier to come in at least once a quarter to do sales training with your staff.

15. Set Targets! How can you expect your staff to sell if they have nothing to aim for? Set targets in consultation with your staff and get them to agree to the targets you are setting them. Break the target down into small achievable steps and watch your staff reach them. For example don't tell your staff they have a R10 000 retail target but rather say they have to sell only 2 products per day, this seems more achievable and realistic.

I would have a tracking sheet put up in the kitchen showing each staff members retails sales and update this form each week so as to keep the ball rolling.

As with anything, the more you do something the better you become at it. So practice and practice and train and train until retail becomes second nature and a natural part of your clients appointment.

Happy Selling!
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