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gsfdg Apr 27 '16
Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has revealed it could be a "dream" to deal with a "big team like Paris Saint-Germain".

Simply a day after his side's probability of landing the Most recognized League title were almost ended by a new 1-1 draw in your house to West Brom, the Argentine claimed although relish the possiblity to return to Buy Fifa Coins Account your Parc des Princes after spending a couple of years in the This particular language capital during the playing career.

"I have always said that particular day it could be a pleasure to deal with a big team like Paris, a new dream, " they told RMC. "I try to watch a bunch of their games, especially inside Champions League along with sometimes I get in touch with [Paris Saint-Germain assistant coach] Jean-Louis Gasset. "
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