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skokila Mar 29 '16

WebFire 3.0 Review The Internet is a tool, just like television, radio, and print media. They all created a way to connect with a customer, and knowing your customer and what television shows they may watch, what radio stations they may listen to, or what print media they read was essential to budgeting your marketing dollars to reach your customers. Each medium creates a different way to connect with a customer, and it requires that you create a plan of action, define an outcome, measure results, and review the results for inclusion or deletion in future budgets and plans. 


Certain products and services have created a level of mystery with respect to the Internet, and this allows certain companies to dynamically create and interpret how they use the term "marketing" under the guise of Internet Marketing. A new product or service may not have a track record of how a customer will use it, and one of the most important components of marketing is to know your customer. But, many new products and services come at us with a tremendous amount of hype and fanfare. Thus, there is pressure that we need to act. Some companies are selling new concepts under the umbrella of "this is new marketing, this is Internet Marketing." 


Thus, what has changed? Nothing, except we now believe that because of the Internet we have to act faster, that we can take ideas to market quicker, and that if you are not in the know you are not progressive. Hogwash, as the saying goes.

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lee520 Mar 30 '16

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