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pingguoguo Jun 7 '16
I’ve always had difficult hair. It’s curly, frizzy, and impossible to human hair wigs  control. No one mentioned the best solution is wearing a wig until last weekend.
I tiptoed into the world of wigs. i also confused by the material, the boss in the wig salon say that human hair wigs are more natural and more comfortable, but they are much more expensive. So the salon owner suggested me to synthetic wigs start with synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs come in a zillion really cute styles…and they hold their styles through multiple washings—and washing them once a month is generally plenty.
The colors are amazing! I’m constantly complimented by total strangers on lace wigs  the highlights in my hair . They are not very expensive. You can easily find a well-made synthetic wig for under £60.
If you’re in need of “hair help” and want to get a sense of what’s out there, click here.
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