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eliseparis154 Sep 12 '16


Experimental results confirm the safety and efficacy of Valsalva reception. Infinite Male These research work, published in the Journal of Research Forces and functional training in 2010, showed that subjects in the body, raising the maximum weight odnopovtornogo, this method causes a slight and transient increase in blood pressure.


To maximize raise intra-abdominal pressure, you have to breathe deeply (about 75% of the maximum volume) due to abdominal breathing; possible hold your breath during effort, exhaling only a repetition end. This will provide maximum support to the back muscles and make you stronger.

I would like to draw your attention that the Valsalva maneuver is only suitable for short-term, high-intensity effort. In other words, if in the performance of squats odnopovtornogo he will double your strength, when routine approaches to bench press it - literally - can cause serious headaches.
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