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alexania154 Oct 4 '16

Suppose we go to our usual beauty salon 1 time per month. Would they be 12 times a year? If every time we spend 50 dollars how much would spend money in a year? follinique Do the math, do not be vague) Have you made the account? Do not cheat. At year 's end we would have spent $ 600. If we can get some natural hair extensions good quality for $ 100, we would save us $ 500 a year .


I understand that in some countries who read this blog, $ 500 is not a significant sum. However in most Latin American countries that's a lot of money. If not an entire salary.

Not only in autumn leaves fall follinique off the trees, but your hair also suffers from climate change , and falls much more easily. If you do not suffer any hair problem, and we want to see us a mane with much more volume, we can try natural hair extensions Hairdreams.

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