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alimbeen154 Nov 29 '16

The multi-joint movements stimulate more muscles at a time. You stimulate more muscle, the more you optimize the muscle gain Cianix in a short time. In addition, the multi-joint movements allow the person to lift more load and cause hormonal responses favorable to muscle hypertrophy. (Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Chest Press, Back Row, Shoulder Press, Chin-Up)


Stop constantly changing exercise

I'm not able to see anyone who wants to grow muscularly constantly change their exercises. For a muscle from growing, it must be perfectly synchronized. If you ever change your exercise, you will never get this muscle synchronization that allows hypertrophy. What is however effective is to change the position of the hands or feet of the same year (vs. suppination pronation, sumo squat instead of a simple squat, etc.)

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