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myalaxie154 Nov 15 '16

- Resistant to water presentations are always the best choice for children. These protectors are designed to last longer than others in the water while bathing or in the case of Aviqua abundant sweating when performing physical activity .

Take care of your skin like no tomorrow: Thalía avoid spending much time in the sun and protect your skin using filters . "I never forget to moisturize my face, my mom always told me 'do not forget the neck, Mija' ..."


Know your strengths: The "Marimar" has the gift of eternal plucking eyebrows by herself. The eyebrows are the frame of your face , so you should never shave more. Thalía recommends avoiding excessive makeup and their "mere" trick is not too noticeable, which subtly highlight the features and minimize imperfections.

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