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Ensly1929 Sep 26 '16

Here are a few simple steps to clean the hair and scalp effectively. It is best to stick to natural products Follinique as much as possible to prevent drying and weakened hair roots and trees.

How to clean your hair the right way?

Cleaning the scalp: More important to wash your hair it is to ensure your scalp is clean. Clean the scalp of accumulated sebum, dandruff, grease and dirt by applying a small measure of shampoo to the palms of the hands, mixing with a few drops of water to make a solution and applied to the scalp. It's a good idea to use a shampoo or physical chemistry based mild shampoo to prevent hair damage. Spread evenly shampoo on the hair and scalp to ensure Follinique it is not the accumulation of oil.

Massage shampoo hair follicles:

To thoroughly clean hair, massaging the shampoo solution on your scalp thoroughly and through braids with light circular hand movements. 

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