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awisk Mar 6 '17
do decide to try them out let me know  Luminescent Serum if I got you addicted hope drama i love it when you guys tell me that are so much fine y'all really seemed to enjoy them I love making them i love shopping and I get really excited about doing my large shopping hauls here on my channel so today I'm going to be doing a very big shopping haul and it is a sephora skincare hall now I actually have another part of this will be coming very soon because i have a very large sephora make appalled as well and it was going to do the 

Luminescent  m both together but I just knew the video was going to be so crazy long so i decided to split into two parts one for makeup and one for skincare so if y'all are interesting care if you like seeing skincare products and hearing about skincare products then you have definitely come to the right video but if you're more of a make a person 

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