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daniapirla154 Sep 28 '16

• Using fingers shampoo stretching, massaging carefully around each braids, until we see fit. Repeat this step if desired, after rinsing

• Once it is clean and the scalp, Follinique proceed to apply more shampoo diluted in the rest of the length braids that section (means to ends).

• During the soaping braids it is better not to make sliding movements or rub, preferably squeezing gently, so that is quite a loose braid and avoid being thrown off, and it aesthetically us last longer "presentable" without too many loose hairs.

• Rinse and drain excess water, gently squeezing and re-do a ponytail or braid thick to separate the clean section of the rest.

• Repeat all steps with each of the sections.


• Avoid washing in positions Follinique involving be leaning forward with back and head down to avoid suffering strained by the weight of the wet tresses. It is best done in an upright position, using the time to shower.

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