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julieruth154 Oct 3 '16

Starting on the back surface of the humerus, the lateral head of the triceps forms the outer part of zyalix the "horseshoe" on the back of the shoulder department hands.


The long head of the triceps begins with scapula just below the humeral head. As her abdomen muscle crosses the shoulder joint is back to full activation of the long head of the hand in tritsepsovyh extensions should be given back.


The medial head of the triceps is located between the two above-mentioned, is closer to the elbow. This muscle is very thick - it expands to shoulder, forming the upper bend in the shape of a horseshoe, but the muscle belly in her relatively short.


Presses down with one hand on the high block


Presses down with one hand to draw the triceps

Attach the handle to zyalix grip with one hand to the upper unit. Grasp it supinated grip (palm facing the ceiling). For a more stable position, you can grab the fixed rack unit with the other hand.

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