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abbiemina154 Sep 24 '16

To clarify there to let the water flow down the hair up and down, following the jet from the inside to the outside. follinique Again governs the maximum previous: nothing to rub or entangle should thoroughly rinse to leave no traces of shampoo, making sure that no bubbles or shiny threads or a slippery touch, finishing with cold water to close the cuticle and enhance the brightness. Then you can switch to apply conditioner or occasionally a mask to moisturize and nourish hair. Quantity and quality: the frequency of washing How much shampoo to use? What is the proper frequency of washing? These basic questions we answer them experts Jean Louis David.

The amount of shampoo depends on the mass of hair that have. The more, more product is needed. follinique But as an approximation one can say that for a bob, just fill the hollow of the hand.

The most important thing is to distribute the product evenly throughout the entire head of hair, both front and side and rear area, sometimes forgotten.

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