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corameen154 Nov 9 '16

 "wolly hat" in English and "tuque" or "bonnet de laine" in French), which tape to the ears. This, usually worn under waterproof hood usually have winter coats. They can earmuffs ( "earmuffs" in English and "cache-oreilles" in French) added, according EV Derma to taste and heat level you want. It is essential a scarf ( "scarf" in English and "foulard" in French), which prevents the cold in through the space left their coats in the neck.

In the upper and lower extremities technique it can also be adopted in the layers, if appropriate . It is suggested that hands never be exposed. To do this, choose gloves ( "gloves" in English and "Gants" in French) very thin, which are covered with other thicker (type mittens, for example). The latter are removed when the cell phone or any other activity is used. However, there are also gloves made from special fibers pair tactile contact with the screens of cell phones. Thus, positions are left gloves when handling an electronic device. They are known as "winter gloves touch screen With fingers", in English and in French "gants d'hiver pour l'écran tactile".

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