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alinjami154 Nov 24 '16


If you dream of growing the beard that helps you stand out from the mass, you are at right place. You will need a sacred moment for a longer beard that Saran Singh, Legendary Beard who holds the Guinness World Record, but it's worth trying. Singh's beard was measured during filming in Rome, Italy, on the set of "Lo Show die Record". And it was a huge beard with a length of 2.36 meters.


Whatever your reason for growing the beard, it is possible.

You just need to devote time and follow several advices to promote natural growth of beard. If you want a long beard, you need to impose a moratorium for shaving. But this is not enough to grow your beard at breakneck speed and in fact, each person beard hair grows differently depending on different factors. Follow these tips to grow a beard... Yes a longer beard:

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