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fridasara154 Sep 23 '16

On the other hand, there are other products used after washing and serve to give the hair more shine and look better. It is the case of vinegar . To do this, we mix in a glass of water ¾ ¼ of apple cider vinegar. Follinique Reviews You can add to the mix a few drops of essential oils if you want to add a touch of smell fresher.


Another good solution to wash your hair and keep it healthy and shiny is to use egg . Simply pour two or three eggs in a bowl and wash your hair with them as you would a normal shampoo. Then you can use to clear your water conditioner or the mixture made with vinegar you have spoken to add an even greater touch of brightness to your hair.


As you can see, all these recipes are very simple and easy to do and you'll notice results in very little time. Follinique Reviews And most importantly, keep your hair healthy and strong.

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