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juliemia154 Sep 20 '16


You are probably thinking: "I will not eat so much." If I had a dollar for every such answer, I would have to retire. In fact, you could do it, just need to make a little plan. Fat Diminisher There are many ways to prepare and store food during the day. After spending a couple of hours on the weekend, you can prepare meals and snacks for the whole week. Let the will of fantasy.


Another great option - sports mixture. Nothing is easier than to cook a cocktail - enough to dissolve in water a few spoonfuls of the powder. One serving contains quality sport mixture, usually about 600 calories, including a decent amount of protein, amino acids with branched chains (BCAA) , glutamine and carbohydrates. Fat Diminisher This "food in the cup" in the literal sense of the word. Before going to work, prepare a mixture of sports and pour it into bottles - how many bottles, and many snacks. It's simple.

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