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julitryta154 Sep 27 '16

Passive activities, routine, do not challenge the brain. Keep trying the challenge requires a significant level of difficulty something new. Life itself is the best gym for the brain if it is used in the right way. intelleral reviews A good way to start is to address everything that involves novelty, variety and challenge, leading out of the routine. 

An example, bilingual education. So are the volunteer or the occupation itself , which can help reduce mortality rates, depression and cognitive impairment. Mental training with greater assurance, based on current research, involves meditation, cognitive therapy, biofeedback and cognitive training . These structured to form different "mental muscles" techniques include specialized software tools that are being launched in the environment online .

transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a technique that involves stimulating magnetically deep areas of the brain, can release responsible for the intelligent activity of high level brain areas, intelleral reviews thus enabling people with intellectual limitations are able to understand arduous scientific theories or purchase complex knowledge. 

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