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joycesara154 Aug 29 '16

This tool brings fitness dumbbells and barbells addition to developing balance and improving skills stabilization .Tvolve Because stuffing is not fixed, the bag moves from side to side, the body must constantly balance, causing dense muscle contraction. So small muscles are involved, stabilizers, which are often neglected in traditional exercises in the gym. The best part is that by engaging these muscles stabilizers aritculatiile strengthen your spine and avoiding injuries.


Below are four exercises done with bags of strength, that will lead workouts to the next level, bringing variety and new moves.


. Squats with bounce

An exercise that focuses on the feet. Tvolve Help develop their power and increase strength abdomen.


Execution : Put powerbag the back, and keep it Manar. Let yourself in a deep squat, and then pick up the lessons explosive feet off the ground. Landing on their toes then put heels on the ground and let you live in another deep squat jumping again. Repeat to achieve the desired number of repetitions. Do  squats so every set. Make three sets with  seconds pause between them.
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