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aleenfaab154 Nov 4 '16

If you have to be a long time without eating, understand that NO need to eat 1,000 calories to feel good. Breathe takes a few minutes to control your speed when you eat and make sure that on your plate the two nutrients that predominate are Max Testo Xl the fiber (especially green vegetables) and low fat protein (chicken breast) or high in healthy fats (fish) .



This does not seem sexy or entertaining, but if you follow it for at least 4 to 5 weeks you'll notice great results>>


3. Use exercises with resistance (Strength Training) that give you more for less. The best results I've seen in people who train with free weights and use body weight exercises. The truth is that if you look at the body of someone who trains 100% on machines (sitting or lying) notice that the belly never changes, in fact almost nothing changes (perhaps a little shoulder).>>

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