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Awfut1974 Sep 23 '16

Not only are your eating habits that can make you fat. Nights sleep sleepless also contribute to the formation of the love handles.


That was the finding of a study of German universities Tubigen and Lübeck released in July this year, which examined the behavior of 14 healthy men with normal weight. Internal 911 Reviews At the end of the study, the experts noted that a bad night's sleep makes you feel more hungry the next day, and also compromise the calorie expenditure, since the tendency is that you move less when you are tired.


The verification of the data was through tests of blood that showed that in the days of tiredness, ghrelin levels (responsible for feelings of hunger hormone) were higher, favoring the consumption of a greater number of calories .


Lack of sleep also inhibits the release of leptin an appetite suppressant hormone, leading to an optimal combination for weight buildup.

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