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corareesa154 Sep 29 '16

Need not, however, be restricted to only esdrúxulos themes. Try reading about distant subjects of their reality. For example, if you are professional administrative, averse to adventures, read The Old Man and the Sea , Cognidepth Ernest Hemingway. The book describes in an unusual way the clash between an old fisherman and marlin, one of the largest and most coveted ocean fish. Not to mention that is a classic of world literature, winner of the Nobel Prize.


If you are Cartesian, mathematical, formal and never read anything about philosophy, not live without this experience. In this case, the recommendation is Happiness, Desperately (Martins Fontes). It's almost a paperback book (something like about 50 pages of a traditional book), which transcribes a lecture by French philosopher Cognidepth André Comte-Sponville on happiness. The author, with an unusual didacticism for a philosopher, speaks of the pursuit of happiness based on several theoreticians of human thought. In the end, there is the transcript of questions and answers. 

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