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chriscui2016 Jun 29 '17

It’s easy to test whether that’s your problem: simply stop using the accessory for a while and see if the freezing stops. If that is the problem then you should contact the manufacturer and ask about a fix. If you do a factory reset and don’t restore from a backup and the crashing and freezing continues then take the iPad Air back to Apple and get a replacement. Apple pushes out updates with bug fixes pretty frequently. You can keep an eye out for them landing in Settings > General > Software Update.>>


Here the complaints from the users. The owners have been complaining about the issues with the screens on their new tablets. Whether your screen is frozen, have dark lines, yellow tint or an unresponsive touch screen, aniPad Air LCD touch screen digitizer is your option. We offer the varieties of Grades of touch screens. According to your private requirement, you can choose different solutions in accordance with the tips I mentioned in this article. >>


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