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Nowadays, there is a variety of camera for live streaming available from high-end HDMI to cheap USB webcams. If you are looking for a quality, versatile, and reasonable product, we recommend you to choose an IP camera. But, what features should you consider? Check out this article to get a few of the main attributes you should look for when it comes to choosing the right camera for live streaming.

Choose a camera in high definition

It’s important to choose a camera recording in high definition (HD). In fact, HD has become the standard for a video. An HD camera helps to capture a clear and crisp image. Streaming HD video was not a great ideal in the days of data limits as well as slower internet speeds. However, it has been improved significantly thanks to the increase in popularity of VOD services and Youtube. That’s why you need to choose camera with the support of HD resolution.

Available Connectors

Many people often don’t pay attention to the available connections. You should choose a camera with a wide range of input and output options. They not only provide versatility but also cover all the bases. When it comes to audio, it’s great to choose units with XLR inputs. They help you connect external microphones to the camera. As a result, you get the higher quality audio. In addition, you should also look for an SDI port that sends a high quality feed to live production or broadcast systems. Besides, an HDMI port allows you to view your live stream with a high definition monitor. Last, don’t forget to look at a camera with an SD card slot. It helps to store your footage on the card.

Compatibility mode

Today, there are a lot of providers available to choose from. But, you may still choose a wrong camera. Not all cameras come with live streaming features. Indeed, some require convoluted setups, hardware, or extra cables. As a result, you will have to pay for them. There is no doubt you should choose an IP camera. It’s designed especially for live streaming. You can visit some of the leading IP camera manufacturers like Axis.

Zoom and Viewing angle

Most people want to get a versatile camera that can adapt to whatever called for at the time. In order to switch between a wide viewing angle, you need a flexible zoom lens. Thanks to it, you can also fit more into your frame as well as narrow viewing angle. You should choose one with a zoom lens at least 8x power.

Pan and tilt Camera

As a presenter or a streamer in a graduation ceremony, you want to get a camera that you can walk from one side to the other. It’s hard to keep everything in the shot even when your camera has a wide angle lens. It’s time to remotely control the direction of the lens thanks to pan and tilt features. They offer you a precise and smooth motion. You should find a camera with pan and tilt for more control over camera movement.

Sum it up

In conclusion, choosing a good camera for live streaming is not simple. There are many features you need to look at. You should consider these features when looking for your camera. They promise to help you get the best results from live streaming. Keep in mind these features, and then you will be on the right track when choosing. Choosing an IP camera is a great decision. It comes with all the features listed above that make it ideal for live streaming.

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