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harden Aug 9 '16

Family is the most important wood floor daily care, especially large flow of people living here are generally the active area. Wood floor living room of this region suffered stampede, more easily damaged aging,low maintenance garden decking the maintenance of this piece of the region with special cored. First, install the 48 hours before use, good floor needs a good maintenance, it is like a good car need good care and the same reason.

Wood floor before the official must be used after 48 hours fully installed, such as placing furniture, cleaning the ground and the like. Recommendation wood floor after 48 hours fully installed surface cleaning and maintenance, cheap wood flooring in serbiato enhance the physical properties. If you do not stay shall be a day of indoor ventilation. This is the preliminary work before the formal use of the future maintenance of wood flooring has an important role. Second, keep the indoor temperature and humidity, and daily cleaning of the life of wood flooring wood floor has an important role. In everyday use, do not use harmful chemicals to clean the floor, such as unknown composition lead dust and the like.

Daily cleaning, use a damp cloth to clean the surface moisture content below 30%, if the wood floor stain appears, vinegar, salt, oil stained floors, you can use special cleaning products, do not use gasoline for cleaning. Third,theme parks cheap garden decking the professional conservation essential floor, wood is affected by various natural causes and human causes should be regular maintenance. Wood floor care experts pointed out that in order to maintain the wooden floor of the original color and texture, and even more to improve the life of the wooden floor, should be the law of conservation. In general, after the installation is complete, do a solid wood floor maintenance, and must use professional support care products.

For different materials, different surfaces of wood, conservation with skin care products are not the same. Experts remind you: 1, balcony or direct sunlight shelter area should take appropriate measures; 2, a severe scratches and damages can use to repair repair cream colored; 3, it is recommended to install the floor prior to arrival,high performance outdoor decking price after installation do not long vacant floor, if not accepted, the need for daily indoor ventilation; 4, wood logs with physical characteristics, color with the seasons occur, expansion, contraction, is a normal phenomenon

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